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A Dying World

Illyirana Duskmourne / Oct 10, 2018
Priestess Raventalon's voice can be heard in Nor'el's magical network:

"Keepers, we now have orders to bring any Azerite we acquire to the Cenarion Circle and Earthen Ring in Silithus. Neither I nor Valeclaw trust the Horde Druids at Karnum's Glade, so rather than hand it over to them, our Druids will transport them to Silithus ourselves.

Make no mistake; while we must do what we can to save our world, this is still war. The Horde will stop at nothing to claim it before us or wrest it from our grasp, no matter how benevolent our task may seem. Be on your guard, and we need all available Druids and allies for this task as soon as possible.

Elune'adore. May the Goddess watch over you."


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