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An undamaged entry from the beginning of the War of the Ancients:

“Since the vile demonic attacks begin we have not heard any reports from Her Radiance, Queen Azshara about orders or a plan of response. I fear the head of our Empire has been cut off, or at least Zin-Azshara is under heavy siege. I and other Magistrate’s have prepared local defenses in conjunction with Eldre’Thalas. However many Quel’dorei have elected to flee their posts for Zin-Azshara, may the Queen smite them for abandoning their duty. Still worse, some may have been responsible for this fiendish incursion as they were able to pass unharmed.”

Further entries describe the struggles Belanos has with maintaining supplies. His wife, Rosmerta, and her desperate attempts to contact her sister Sirona in Suramar and the dwindling faith that Belanos has in reinforcements.

“It has been many months, I am unable to make any contact with Azshara’s court. Our Queen may be dead. Though I shudder to think of the Light of our Empire going out, it may be true. I can also no longer feel the Wells energies, something must have happened. My beloved wife is in a lethargy, weeping for our son whose whereabouts are unknown. She is so desperate to flee to Suramar or Zin-Azshara but I cannot leave my post like the others. I know not when help will come, but I do not think I can defend the subjects of your glorious Empire much longer. Supplies run short and the Lowborne have formed a meager militia in place of the spellbreakers whom left. If my people can muster the strength to fight, so can I. I cannot leave them in their hour of peril.”

As weeks pass Belanos hears of Kaldorei resistance fighters, but that they are in rebellion against Azshara. A few entries at first decry them as traitors and drafts ideas to combat them, but things change as word of their size is translated to him as well as their equipment.

“It has been months upon months since there has been a report. The Lowborne speak openly against Azshara since the arrival of Tyrande Whisperwind and Malfurion Stormrage. They say that Her Radiance has turned traitor. While I am not one to entertain treason, the two make a compelling case. No reports have been issued, access to the Well of Eternity is absent, and even if this is slander against Our Queen, what choice do I have? Tyrande and Malfurion have an army, the Kaldorei I serve are better served under their protection. I can do nothing for them in my weakened state. I have elected to harbor Tyrande and Malfurion, and prepare supplies for them. Even if they are wrong, I need them to defend the Kaldorei of this region, I haven’t the troops to repel these demonic attacks and have received zero help from Azshara’s court. I cannot reach the Moon Guard, and too few Quel’dorei had the guts to remain at their posts. I feel as though I am without staff, and the pangs from lack of access to the Well of Eternity mar my power to do much.”

The notes become sparse but mentions of battle and a successful defense of the population occupy a few entries.

“We saved them, Tyrande was able to rescue the settlements, I had worried my sacrifices would be for not, but by Elune’s grace some six thousand Night Elf souls were saved from demonic flame. Many though despise the Highborne now, her words of our castes alleged treason have swayed many. Her slanders though are not without merit, much of it explains a great deal. My wife refuses to believe it, but is too weak. I do wish our dear son would return. I hope he survives this catastrophe.”

The entries end with one last entry.

“The world trembles, most of the people have fled, I take my wife to Eldre’Thalas at moonrise. Tyrande and Malfurion were, I believe, correct. Though I’ve heard nothing yet, in my heart I suspect our Queen has betrayed the whole Empire. If the Lowborne speak slander of you Azshara, let history vindicate my decision to harbour them and engage in their treason. If my son ever finds my office, and unlocks it, may he know I acted in my peoples best interests. Tyrande and her sentinels saved nearly six thousand lives, spared this region total annihilation in demonic flame. Though this sundering consumes this wrecked land, its citizens are safe in her care. If Azshara is vindicated of these accusations, may my actions at least be justified by her lack of communication. Her courtiers abandonment of me when I desperately needed their help. And her vizier's curious departure before the crisis. Let it be known that those so-called traitor Kaldorei where the only force of any merit fighting the demons, I harbored those traitors to save countless lives, if I have betrayed you Azshara; let it be known I did it to save those you charged me with protecting while you did nothing in the capitol. I stand by my decisions, and I know that Elune will smile upon me regardless of the final verdict”

No further entries are found.
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