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Within the dark room, only two sets of golden eyes glowed, one bigger and the other smaller. The smaller set of eyes looked around the darkened room, curious but not frightened. A feminine voice spoke, the voice belonging to the smaller set of eyes. She called out “Mama…” followed by a clap of two small hands belonging to a very excited child. With a snap of the older one's fingers, the room became alit, brilliant at first before dimming as the candles cast their light out around the room. The light revealed a large open room that in the center sat a two Night Elves, only older, a grown woman whose dark azure hair clung to her scalp, wet from a recent bath. The others were equally azure blue, but this one was a child, a toddler of only a year in age sitting next to her.

The room itself was packed, its wall covered with bookshelves and cluttered with gathered papers, scrolls, tin and copper nick nacks. A large piano sat in the northern corner by an archway leading to a small scriptorum whose oak wood table was splotched in ink stains scratches from penmarks. The table had a book, two thirds open and a half-finished page barely illuminated by the dim lights. Among the many bookshelves were note tabs sticking from nearly half one could see. Sitting on a small table, one low to the ground was the remains of a meal for two. Humble teacups sat emptied by the two, and a stained tablecloth covered the table in nearly seamless and immaculate white before an overeager child let spill tea and scrambled eggs upon its once spotless threads. Behind the pair was a violin, a cello, and a gnomish music player. On the wall were three swords, too brutish for the fairly dainty mother to wield. On the shelf before the swords that hang on the wall was a simple candle and an artfully done drawing of a male night elf, simply named Xantheas beneath his mug, another drawing was less defined but it bore the names Rosmerta and Belonos beneath them. Those two were drawn as if being recalled from a hazy memory. A small incense burner sat next to the pale white candle which flickered in his memory, like a vigil shrine.

On the ceiling was a painted mural depicting what could only be Elune sitting upon a crescent moon and smiling at the mother and child as they sat in the center of the room. Hanging from the ceiling as well were several copper Elven women, in the pose of dancers whom would twirl as the gentle winds came through the room.

The mother herself was dainty, too dainty to be a Kaldorei, her frame being that of a bookish type, her arms less muscle bound than a Kaldorei woman. Her fine blue robes were plain, humble, the simple robes of a Shen'dralar in their home. The robe was tied to cover her body as she sat, legs pressed together and child leaning against her with expectation on the young girls faces. The toddler already seemed agile and capable on her feet as she stood up and pleaded somewhat shyly “Please… Music” she asked as her mother smiled and in a quick movement snatched her up. The mother placed the child sitting on her shoulders, right hand gripping her child's ankle for safety as she lifted a wand and began to wave it, her nimble fingers gripping the alabaster wand gingerly, ink-stained fingers contrasting with her faintly purple skin and the color of the wand.

The mother begins to sing, her voice becoming pure and serene as the violet arcs of magic dance in the room like wisps at her command. The Cello, the Violin, and the Piano begin to play, bidden by the sorceress’ spell. The copper dancers spin and the eyes of Elune appear to glow a silvery light as the candles rise, save for the vigil candle lit before the image of some lost loved ones.

As the Enchanted conductor commands the music and sings the lyrics she twirls from time to time, an enthralled young daughter whose face glows with wonder at the magic swirling about her. Mother sings “A voice calls softly, It calls from within, To trust my steps, And to keep on dreamin’...”

The lyrics went on and on, as she spun about beneath the smiling enchanted mural of Elune whom almost seemed present in the room, or the sorceress mother made sure to create the illusion of it.

When the song concluded, the thoroughly enchanted daughter clapped and cheered. The sorceress conductor rested her hand and the music ceased. She set the wand down on their dinner table and set her daughter down as well. “Now, you must sleep Rosmerta, we will play tomorrow, get to bed and I will read you a story…. Okay?” She said, her voice is calm and soothing, her words honeyed as young one yawned and did as her mother asked.

The toddler moved quickly, sure-footed for her age as she moved down a different hall, passed the humble scriptorum. The mother sighed, as she looked at the messy table and simply pulled the plates and cups within the white cloth, resolving to wash it another time. She got up, her eyes heavy for a moment as she approached her vigil shrine. For a minute she paused in silence looking at the flickering candle, and burning incense. After some unknown reflection, she held out her pointer and ring finger together and kissed them before pressing her two digits to each picture and departing quickly to tend to her beloved daughter. “... Mama!” the child called, mother moved quickly “Yes Moonlight, I’m picking a story…” she said as her hand brushed across the books as she passed, snatching one without looking and cradling it to her chest as she turned the corner towards her child's room.
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